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Tonight on Buzzline: The Real Truth About Warren Worthington III

Posted by pan_left on 2006.02.08 at 12:31
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Gave up talking to Collins and trying to make him see.
I went back into Buzzline to cut up the interview.
This is the result.
Hope this works.
It airs tonight.

(A Wide Open Shot of Warren from the Office Interview)

Narrator: Tonight on Buzzline, we tell you the real truth about Warren Worthington the III and his ties to the Mutant Community. A Mark Cohen Report.

Mark's Voice from Off Screen: Close-up on Warren Worthington the Third, Heir to the Worthington fortune. Mr. Worthington, what do you have to say about the allegations that you're part of the Mutant Community?

Worthington: I find it a surprisingly new low for the media. The accusation and the truth or falsity notwithstanding, the news has no place in the private lives of anyone. I find it outrageous and offensive that something like this would be released with the sheer intent of discrediting me with something that is completely irrelevant to my work.

Mark: But this has occurred in our society before, don't you think? This happened in the mid 90s with the AIDS crisis. People were being accused of carrying a supposedly airborne disease, which with further research was found to only be transferable through very few sources. Both your associates, Dr. McCoy and Dr. Grey, have compared AIDS to Mutation. Do you agree?

Worthington: I agree in the effects it has the society around it, more in the social than health implications. Both are being used as a device for fear by the government and news agencies, in order to bend the public to their will, depending on who they like from week to week.

Mark: Its been speculated that if you had a mutation it would have developed because of your relationship with Jean Grey.

Worthington: Mutation cannot 'develop' by interacting with someone any more than you can get blue eyes by looking at a blue-eyed person. It's genetically impossible. Mutation is caused by a gene that is either present at birth, or not. People have no choice in it.

Mark: I see you've committed a lot to the research of this topic.

Worthington: All the knowledge I've expressed so far is easily attainable by anyone who wants to know the truth of the subject. It's just not very well publicized.

Mark: Do you feel that it was ever a mistake to make your relationships with Dr. McCoy and Dr. Grey public?

Worthington: It was not entirely my choice to make the matters public. As you've witnessed, the media seems to have its nose in all aspects of my personal and professional life. I do not regret it though, both of them are talented, intelligent individuals that I'm proud to call friends.

Mark: And what have you been doing recently surrounding this issue?

Worthington: Lately I've been focusing much of my attention on trying to conduct research concerning the Mutant community, to find what type of market they present, and what their social and political interests entail.

Mark: But you've stated on many occasions that Mutants deserve equal rights, and that they need no special treatment.

Worthington: recisely. It's all the negative coverage their community is receiving from the media that needs some sort of counter- a positive voice and reaffirmation that despite their differences, they have virtually the same needs as anyone else. Hence the ultimate point of my research. The study I'm performing is surveying the needs of the mutant community, in an overall attempt to provide solid evidence that they don't require 'special' or 'different' treatment, although they may be fighting harder than your average American for their equality.

Narrator: Unfortunatly, our interview was cut short due to pressing business matters, however Mr. Worthington did say In reference to the recent photos launched as a public attack on him, the following. " I will press charges against the purpatrators heavily. And not only against whoever submitted and manipulated these photos, but against the media that runs them. Up next a look back at some of Buzzline's famous interviews.

(transcribed by a Buzzline Intern and send to the following people: Alexi Darling, Mark Cohen and the Worthington Corporations Legal Team)

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