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And so, It begins.

Posted by wingdndangerous on 2006.02.15 at 18:14


wingdndangerous at 2006-02-16 02:18 (UTC) (Link)
"I was- thank you. Yes, it will be. The man will be wearing sunglasses." Warren hung up, and headed downstairs for breakfast. Halfway there, he decided that it was probably too late to hope for anything that had been on the table with the children around, and went straight for the kitchen.
pan_left at 2006-02-16 02:26 (UTC) (Link)
"Bye." Mark replied, hanging up the phone and prying himself loose from the tangle that was he, Roger and Collins.

"I---" he paused, not having much to say, especially to Collins right now. "Roger you should change your shirt." the other man grunted and pushed himself off of Collins and moved to his bedroom.

"While you're at it, you should pack Mark's bags!" Collins called out. "He'll be moving out soon, probably when his Chauffer shows up."

"SHUT UP COLLINS!" Mark said, face turning red. He couldn't take this right now. "I'm going to wait on the stoop." and with that he stormed out of the loft, the door slamming satisfyingly slamming shut behind him,
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