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And so, It begins.

Posted by wingdndangerous on 2006.02.15 at 18:14


mutant_race at 2006-02-16 16:22 (UTC) (Link)
"Who's good for who?" Ororo said in a voice which stated clearly that she didn't want to hear anymore about Warren's opinions on the matter.

She placed the final dishes in the dishwasher and hugged Warren back. "Are you sure Scott is going to know where this place is, I mean...he knows part of New York, around where Artie was---but." she hesitated. "And he's going to look a little suspicious."

She glanced at her watch and frowned. "Oh dear, I'm going to be the last one in the classroom again." she muttered. "Bring this Mark fellow around later, I have the smaller ones in the morning in history and then a 3 hours lecture after that for the advanced class."
wingdndangerous at 2006-02-16 16:30 (UTC) (Link)
Warren shook his head, smiling.

"Alright, I'll bring him by. Don't scare him too much." He added with a wink, heading out of the kitchen. He headed to the basement, stopping in the changerooms to grab a pair of workout pants before heading into the Danger Room. Someone was already in there- Logan, according to the info screen, and Warren punched in the interrupt code. The program paused inside, and he entered, finding Logan in the mass of droids and walking over.

"Care for a visitor?" He asked, voice bordering on a cold challenge.

"If you think you can keep up," Logan growled, and resumed the program. Warren smirked, and launched into the air with a speed that caught Logan a little by surprise.
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