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Capture the Flag, Mutant Style.

Posted by mutant_race on 2006.02.18 at 21:01


pan_left at 2006-02-19 16:10 (UTC) (Link)
By now, there was a relatively large pile of students sitting by the gazebo. "Bobby" had been joined not only by the tall metallic boy, but a boy with slicked back blond hair and a girl with dark raven hair who was leaning against him slightly discussing something. Beside her, the girl Mark had seen earlier let off an impressive display of fireworks sat heckling the opposing team.

While Warren's wings had stunned him (and made him wonder vaugely what the Bohemian Angel would have looked like had he/she possessed Wings), it was more that fact that he had yet to see two mutations which were alike.

Mark had never been very scientific, in fact he'd dropped out as soon as he could back in Scarsdale, but suddenly he wanted to know, wanted to learn all about the subtle (or in the giant Cookie Monster and Worthington's case) not so subtle changes that had occured in their bodies over night.

Shifting his eyes back up to the sky, he continued to watch Worthington in his element, surprised at how different he seemed. While the wings inhanced his pretty boy looks, they also gave him a strange sense of humanity, and Mark knew that if Worthington had looked like this when they'd walked into the Life (although, perhaps with a Shirt as the Life did have a policy on that) that his first encounter with Collins would have gone better. Not so much because of his mutation, but because of ability to not seem like Yuppie Scum.
mutant_race at 2006-02-19 16:52 (UTC) (Link)
Scott had checked his watch whenever a student was sent in, keeping mental track of how long each of them had until their penalties were up. He glanced at Mark, who seemed to be more enthralled then shocked with what was going on in front of him. Warren's judgement was starting to look better.

He nudged Mark with his elbow, tilting his head towards him.

"This is our happy home," he mused, the most genuinely proud smile Mark had seen yet quirking his lips up slightly.
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