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Capture the Flag, Mutant Style.

Posted by mutant_race on 2006.02.18 at 21:01


mutant_race at 2006-02-19 22:50 (UTC) (Link)
Bobby's team sprang into action first, setting up their defenses a few seconds before the other team sprang into action. Above them, Warren could see the whole layout of the children through the trees, and noted that John's team seemed to be moving into a steady offensive move to counter.

Bobby cast another thick wall of ice across the border, and the kid on the skateboard was shooting long spikes in as it froze, reinforcing it strongly. One thin boy, sitting on the shoulders of the hulking boy who had turned into metal again, had his brow furrowed in concentration, and Mark noticed the forest on their side start to grow denser- as if more trees were materializing out of nowhere. The taller kid with no mouth was setting up what looked like pink bubbles in various places, presumably to keep peopple from getting through them. Their half of the field looked like a mine field of various defenses.

The other team suddenly sprang into action, the girl with the white gloves and John directing a beam of fire at the centre of the wall. A boy in a red shirt grabbed the wolf-girl and started at the centre in a charging run from a good twenty feet back. As he approached, a glow started eminating around the two of them, Rahne tucked against the boy's chest as he jumped, the light around them propelling them forwards and through the remainders of the ice wall with crashing force.

Meanwhile, a boy holding an oval-shaped surf board had his hands outstretched towards the wall, and a small wormhole of swirling blue and purple light was appearing behind the wall where Sam and Rahne were charging towards. As soon as they broke through, he mounted his board in a swift running jump, and as Sam let go of Rahne and rolled out of the way, Rahne transformed to land on all fours, then leapt into the air and changed back. Davis caught her, holding them both on his board as they entered the wormhole. Jubilee and Tabby ran forwards, sending showers of fireworks and small explosions to distract the other team, who was instinctually scanning for the opening end of Davis' wormhole. A dozen dopplegangers ran through them to add to the confusion, Jamie hidden amoung them. John looked at Rogue, and with a smirk, held out both his hands, and a flock of flaming birds erupted from his lighter, circling amidst the trees in yet another distraction.

The long-haired tanned boy Mark had seen plotting earlier was standing just inside the hole in the ice wall, hands oustretched. The ground on the opposing side shifted and rose in a mound, causing a few students to jump to the side or get caught and roll down the new rocking hill of dirt. The wormhole appeared on the other side, and Rahne and Davis tumbled forwards. Rahne was on four paws when she hit the ground, and took off at a galloping run. Davis landedin a tumble, and was immediately tagged as the small boy in glasses appeared in front of him in a flash and touched his shoulder.

Kitty too had taken off at a run, in constant phase as she sprinted directly through the madness in the same direction as Rahne. A small explosion went off a littel farther into the forest, marking the flag- Tabby had spotted it in jail, and set a small timed bomb on her way out. Rahne and Kitty headed towards it, a few firery birds guiding the way. The rest of their team was trying to guard against the blue spheres of hexing energy sent by Wanda and Evan's stakeboard attack towards their own flag, backed by Bobby. Sam, Davis and Jamie had been caught, and were waiting impatiently in the opposing jail.
mutant_race at 2006-02-19 22:50 (UTC) (Link)

Dennis appeared in front of Rahne, hand outstretched, but she bounded up and pushed off the tree beside her, jumping over his head. Kitty phased through him without missing a beat, and saw Rahne trying to dodge the increasing amount of trees appearing in front of her. Kitty called to her, and Rahne slowed down just enough to let Kitty put a hand on her and phase them through the thick line of oaks that were blocking their path, unsure of which ones were real. Rahne stopped in front of the tree Tabby had marked, looking frantically for opposing team members. Kitty quickly scrambled through it to the orange hoop in the ground on the other side, and grabbed the flag in its centre. Dennis appeared directly in front of her, and she dropped the flag as he tagged her, but Rahne grabbed it and set off at another run just as he spotted her. Fireworks started going off behind Rahne's tail, firebirds at her front as she ran twistingly back to her own side. A few students made unsuccessful dives for her as she ran, but now she could see the wall of ice again. Just as she reached it, it froze over again, and Bobby smirked at her from where he had retreated to his own side. She growled, and dropped the flag as Paige tagged her.

Rahne's team let out a loud, frusterated roar- they could now see the outline of the orange flag on the other side of the ice, and Evan had found their own flag before he got tagged by Rogue. John immediately set to melting the ice, but Bobby was reinforcing it instantaneously. Lance moved aside, opening a whole in the ground that created a mound almost the size of the wall. He started to clamber over, but meanwhile, Tabby was conversing with a quiet boy who had been defending their side only by tagging people. He nodded in agreement to whatever her plan was, and she knelt down at the base of the ice, carefully lining up a large ball of light. It exploded, creating a hole a few centimeters across in the bottom. Andrew, the quiet boy, immediately dropped in front of it, peering in with one eye and extending a hand. The flag quivered, then jerked forwards through the hole into his hand. Andrew stood, beaming, the flag held aloft. Warren and Hank's whistles went off stimulatenously, and the rest of Andrew's team cheered loudly.
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