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Retrieving the Filmmaker

Posted by mutant_race on 2006.03.02 at 09:05

Hank slowly turned the corner of 11th Street and Avenue B. He and Scott had spent most of the ride in silence, uncomfortably close to the scene of last night's Mission. "Up here?" he asked, pointing ahead to a row of seedy looking lofts. Sitting out in front were a bunch of people in varying degrees of dress.

Hank spotted Mark just off to the side, filming them. He pulled into the nearest available spot and hopped out, motioning for Scott to follow. Wearing his casual dress, his image inducer cast an image of a relatively attractive ex-footballer. The image itself was very close to being exactly how Hank would have looked had he not turned blue.

He surveyed the neighbourhoods. Several large industrail lofts towered over them framed by a collection of odd shops. Most of the cars around were beat up and probably hadn't worked for years. They'd called on the way there, so it was clear that Mark was waiting for them.


mutant_race at 2006-03-02 15:53 (UTC) (Link)
Scott carefully climbed out, supporting himself on one arm against the doorframe until he regained his balance and shut the door. His leather jacket had been draped across his lap, and clutched in one hand as he got out.

Following Hank, he looked wearily at his jacket, and decided he didn't want to go through the demeaning effort of trying to put it on. He left it draped over his good arm, his sling containing his other arm against his white t-shirt. They approached Mark and the group, Scott's usual expressionless mask in place, as it was whenever there was something that made him slightly uncomfortable. Being injured on top of being in a neighbourhood he had memories in warranted 'slightly uncomfortable'.

He nodded to Mark as he looked up from his camera, scanning the people around him. They looked like they knew Mark, from the comfortable way they were sitting. He recognized the tall black man who had been on the balcony last time he picked Mark up, and glanced over at him behind his sunglasses to avoid notice.
life_crew at 2006-03-02 17:27 (UTC) (Link)
Mimi bolted down the stairs, late for her warmup at the Cat Scratch, she could see that Roger and Collins were still on the steps waiting with Mark. Ever since Collins had called a truce last night they'd been their usual unseperable group.

She noticed however, that they'd been joined by two people, one, a relatively good looking guy in his early 30s, she thought she'd seen him on TV somewhere and wonder if he was from Buzzline or something. The other, was a young man is plain jeans and a white t-shirt. His arm was done up in a neat cast and his leather jacket was folded up neatly, despite the less than stellar weather. He too looked familiar.

"Hey." she said coming out the door. "You off then?" She smiled good naturedly at the younger man, wondering if he'd been a costumer at the Cat Scratch. Tilting her head, she tried to place him amongst the seedy patrons. Then it hit her.

"SCOOTER?" She squealed loudly as the image clicked into place. Scooter had been working around the Cat Scratch when she was first hired at 15. He'd left less than a month after she'd been hired, but his story was the stuff of urban legend. The manager still said on occasion that He was the best attraction she'd ever seen, most of the regulars and club workers wondering how a blind kid could survive on the streets.
mutant_race at 2006-03-02 17:42 (UTC) (Link)
Scott glanced over at her, and immediately looked like someone had punched him in the stomach. He didn't recognise her, persay, but he recognized her type. He had heard them all around him when he'd just developed his mutation, living on the streets for a few months, he had become accustomed to the flirty, young skinny dancer/stripper girls who cooed protectively over him, telling him how pretty he was, even with the blindfold.

A knot formed in his stomach, and Scott clenched his jaw defensively.

"I--don't think so," he automatically tried to deny, as Hank cast him an odd glance. Logan had taken to calling him Scooter demeaningly, but with different origins. Logan had just tried to think of the most ridiculous nickname he could, and settled between Scooter and Slim. He shifted, obviously ill-at-ease with the situation.
life_crew at 2006-03-02 17:56 (UTC) (Link)
"No, I'm sure you're Scooter!" Mimi cried. "You totally won't remember me." She skipped off the steps and hugged him tightly, careful of his injured arm.

"I was like 15 when I saw you last. But do you remember Lacie? She use to totally flirt with you all the time and bring you drinks from the bar and stuff." She bounced up and down on her heels. "You look damn good now." she purred. Behind her she could feel Roger's jealousy meter go off the charts.

"I'm glad to see you got out of Alphabet City! You were way too cute to stay here, they would have eaten you alive." She turned to Roger and the others, smiling in the face of Roger's sulky frown. "Scooter use to hang around the Cat Scratch. We called him Scooter cause he always use to mumble his name when anyone would ask."
mutant_race at 2006-03-02 19:42 (UTC) (Link)
Scott remembered Lacie. They met when she led him to the alleyway by the Cat Scratch, setting him up near a heating vent so he didn't freeze to death of get hit by an unseen car. He had no idea what happened to her after he left to the mansion- he hadn't really thought about it. In fact, Scott had tried to forget the time of his life entirely. This bouncy, large-eyed brunette was making him feel nauseous as image-less memories resurfaced.

He gave her a nervous smile, trying to uphold his resilient stoicism. He decided he wasn't going to get out of this one, silently cursing his recognizeable face.

"Yeah- I'm teaching now, in Westchester." He replied shortly. He raked a hand through his floppy brown hair, habitually securing his sunglasses on his face, despite the fact that he knew if they weren't secure, everyone he was looking at would be dead. Hank noticed the colour had washed out of his face, and his entire posture had stiffened. Scott was caught between defensive and completely mortified that people he didn't even know now knew the thing he had kept from virtually everyone who was an important part of his life.

He gave Hank a pleading look, knowing he was one of the two people at the Mansion he had told about his time on the streets.

"We should get back." He said, looking at Mark, and adjusting his coat on his arm awkwardly.
pan_left at 2006-03-02 19:53 (UTC) (Link)
"We should." Mark said, putting his camera in his bag. He smiled and gave a wave to the group, like a child getting on a bus for school. "I'll call later." he said, passing through them. "And I'll tell Dr. Grey how well her presence went over at the vigil." he nodded to Collins who smirked widely and nodded at him.

Hank opened the back door for him, and Mark noticed that he was no longer blue, which struck him as very odd. He said nothing, assuming it was part of his mutation.

"Bye Scooter!" Mimi called once more, wondering why he looked so uncomfortable. He should have been proud that he'd managed to get out and make something of himself.

Hank smiled at her, knowing Scott wouldn't and opened the door for Scott as well. With one last smile he turned to get in the car. Ducking his head in, he was about to slam the door when he heard Collins call loudly. "By the way Dr. McCoy, I'm a big fan of your work." he'd obviously been told by Mark to keep his admiration to a low. "I hope we meet again sometime."

"As do I." Hank said with a final wave. "All buckled?" he asked, turning to his two passengers.
mutant_race at 2006-03-02 20:06 (UTC) (Link)
Scott was staring out the window, still looking pale, having quickly gotten into the car when Hank opened the door and pulled his seat belt on wordlessly. Mark noticed that his sunglasses were glinting of their own accord, almost like they were lit from inside. Scott had his jaw clenched painfully tight, and braced his free elbow against the window to press his hand against the side of his head.

Slowly, Scott lifted his hand to his sunglasses, carefully prying them off. His eyes were clenched shut as he pinched the bridge of his nose with a small, tight sigh.
pan_left at 2006-03-02 20:18 (UTC) (Link)
Hank started the car with one hand and popped open a secret compartment in the dash and removed a small bottle of water and what appeared to be the mother of all Asprins.

"That." he said dryly. "Is called Karma." he rubbed the back of Scott's neck briefly and pulled out onto the street.

He noticed that Mark had brought a small duffel bag as well as his camera. "Ah, Warren has requested you stay a few days?"

"Yeah." Mark mumbled. "He said we should work on a basis for the documentary while he still has the time off work."

"Ah, excellent, well perhaps I'll sit in and give a few pointers." Hank said with a warm smile.
mutant_race at 2006-03-02 20:54 (UTC) (Link)
Scott felt the water bottle drop into his lap, and instinctively held out his hand to receive the painkiller. He smiled wryly at Hank's comment, downing the pill and taking a sip of water almost as an afterthought.

"Don't be too hard on them," he mumbled to Hank, eyes still tightly pressed shut as he rested his head against the back of the seat. Even when he tipped his head to the side to talk to Hank, he didn't crack his eyes open in the slightest, like most people do naturally, but kept them clenched resiliantly shut.

"Warren was considering meeting somewhere very high up, so you don't scare h is film maker away with million-dollar words."
pan_left at 2006-03-02 22:31 (UTC) (Link)
"High up?" Mark asked nervously. He noticed how much control Mr. Summers had over his power and it amazed him.

"I'm really sorry about Mimi by the way." He said, smiling weakly. "She sometimes forget that her stories don't always come at the best of times."

He knew a lot of people who had hung around Alphabet City when they were younger who desperatly wanted not to be associated with thier former life.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 01:37 (UTC) (Link)
Scott shook his head, slipping his sunglasses back on and securing them firmly to look back at Mark.

"It's just something I'd rather not bring up," he said with a dry smile. After a few minutes, in which the massive pill Hank had given him seemed to kick in, Scott seemed to liven up a bit, after he tried to adjust his sore shoulder because it was starting to itch.

"So, do you have any ideas for what to include in the documentary?" He asked, glancing carefully back over the seat at Mark.
pan_left at 2006-03-03 01:49 (UTC) (Link)
"I would really like to do some stories on the kids," Mark said. "Something where they appear to be average and then its slowly reveled that they've got these amazing powers. But I realize the danger that could put them in." he paused and looked out the window.

"I guess something serious with a focus on the science behind mutation and the range of problems you face. Something that really shows the humanity."

He rifled through his bag and pulled out a videotape. "This is one of my best works, it's called Today 4 U, maybe everyone could take a look and see if that sparks any ideas."
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 03:30 (UTC) (Link)
Scott nodded at his sentiment about the children, glad Mark had covered it before he had to do so. He reached his good arm back around the seat to accept the videotape, and dropped it on his lap with the coat.

"It will be interesting to see," he said, sounding a little distracted. He had pulled his bandages by twisting around, and now his shoulder was itching like crazy. He squirmed in his seat, and looked in annoyed pleading at Hank. Unfortunatly, when he had to take painkillers for his headaches, it eliminated the option of taking more for something else...and the headaches themselves were enough to warrant the full attention of the drug.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 03:42 (UTC) (Link)
Hank rolled his eyes and pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. Twisting in his seat, he turned far enough to his side to scratch Scott's shoulder and readjusted the bandages carefully.

"I think it would be benificial if you could teach the children how to use a camera. Perhaps they could make the shorts and we can use bits and pieces from them." He said, as he did a quick check of Scott's wound.

"This is healing nicely." He commented. Wrapping it back up, he turned around to face Mark fully. "Perhaps we could hold a showing of your movie--if it's appropriate?"

"It's about Aids and the Homeless." Mark said simply with a shrug.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 03:45 (UTC) (Link)
Scott raised a skeptical eyebrow, wondering just how much a hole through his shoulder could have healed overnight.

"I think they'd like it," he said to Mark. "They enjoy any opporutunity to apply themselves in new ways."

He dropped his head back against the seat again, a dull aching burn spreading throughout his shoulder at the slight aggravation of being unwrapped and rewrapped. Banging his head once in restless frustration, he tapped his fingers on his knee, and eventually turned on the radio to some Classic Rock station, his head dropping more contenedly back against the seat as he drummed on his knee, the slight red glow from his glasses fading to signal his eyes being shut.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 03:52 (UTC) (Link)
Hank cuffed him lightly upside the head. "Do a power realease when we get back, please. You've been cranky enough the past few days without an overload."

He turned the last few corners on the way to the mansion and they could see the large gates up ahead.

Pulling into the gate, Hank noticed that the lawn was packed with students despite the weather. They'd brought their lunches outside and several of the younger ones quickly moved to see who Hank and Scott had brought back.

Hank honked the horn once, and the children moved out of the way and he pulled safely into the circle. "Ready to face the masses?" he asked.
wingdndangerous at 2006-03-03 19:45 (UTC) (Link)
From above them - directly above them, Warren spotted the car pull up. Dipping down through the thin layer of clouds beneath him with an expert tuck of his wings, he glided smoothly towards them on the slight breeze whipping through the air.

Tilting in the air, Warren lowered weightlessly to the ground a few feet in front of where Mark and Scott were walking, one foot delicately pressing onto the cold concrete at the top of the staircase they were walking up. His wings were outstretched above him, displaying the potential power of the strong muscles as the aftermath of their one wide beat upwards letting Warren drop easily and steadily. He was wearing nothing but loose grey stretch pants, but the slight flush of a workout was keeping him warm.

"Welcome back," he drawled, obviously much more comfortable and in his element than he had been even yesterday. Scott seemed used to the sight of a white-winged, striking young man landing gracefully out of the sky in front of him, and just gave Warren a friendly smile. Warren returned it, his wings slowly folding behind him.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 20:11 (UTC) (Link)
"You." Hank said simply coming up behind Scott, his image inducer off. "You and I are going to release some energy." He smiled at both Mark and Warren and pulled Scott off lightly by his collar.

"Have...fun?" Mark called after them, as Ororo and Jean (who'd been supervising the picnics from the window) came out the door.

"Back already?" Ororo said with a smile. Her eyes followed Hank as he dragged Scott round the back. //What I wouldn't give to drag him upstairs now and release some real tension.// she thought, not realizing that with Jean so close her thoughts would probably be overheard.
mutant_race at 2006-03-03 20:18 (UTC) (Link)
//You had better be talking about your boyfriend and not my husband,// Jean retorted, waiting until Ororo looked over at her to be caught blatantly watching Scott walk away, her gaze definately not on the back of his head.

Scott dutifully followed Hank without a protest, but posed a quick question.

"Do you have a visor around?" He asked too logically, raising a mocking eyebrow.
mutant_race at 2006-03-04 01:25 (UTC) (Link)
"There's one in the disc case." Hank said. "And if there isn't you'll just have to blast up the clearing. I'm sure the grounds could do with a new landscaping job."

//Too scrawny.// Ororo replied silently to Jean. Turning to Warren she smiled. "Jean and I gathered a list of the children willing to participate. Whenever you need it, come a find me, there are a few people who don't want to, Bobby for instance, which is unfortunate, since he's an eloquent speaker and a good role-model to the younger students."
wingdndangerous at 2006-03-04 05:23 (UTC) (Link)
"It is his own, personal choice," Warren said, a little regretfully. "Mark and I will have to discuss exactly what we want to encompass, and how to do so. Until then, I don't see why you can't just start your camera rolling... to your discretion, of course." He said to Mark, quite calmly and in a surprisingly business-like manner for a man who wasn't wearing a shirt.
pan_left at 2006-03-04 13:45 (UTC) (Link)
"Alright." Mark said. "If it helps we could look over what footage I have later today."

He pulled his camera out and wound it, capturing the children in a slow pan. A few of them were playing tag and he moved to follow them, but stopped, turning to Warren and the others.

"Is this okay?"
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