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A little walk...

Posted by wingdndangerous on 2006.03.23 at 14:19
As the kids dispersed after Warren's movie, mostly ushered out by Scott as curfew approached, Warren gestured to Mark to follow him. He led the filmmaker outside, deciding he needed a little fresh air after the madness that had ensued. The lights in the garden were coming on, casting a soft glow on the path throguh the grounds as the two slowly walked across the grounds.

"How are you feeling?" He asked softly, after a few minutes of silence. He couldn't imagine how boggled Mark was feeling, considering how confused they all were, and Mark had never experienced anything remotely similar. He was still a little shaken himself, but the cool air was calming his nauseous stomach. He had been tempted to go for a relieving fly, but the images of dropping Scott to his death were still haunting him, and he felt a little better with his feet on the ground for now. Glancing over, he saw Mark looked a little paler than normal as well. He crossed his arms protectively across his chest, glancing up at the skyline uncomfortably.

"It's not usually like this," he murmered, managing a steady gaze to assure Mark.


pan_left at 2006-03-23 23:38 (UTC) (Link)
"I didn't realize that there were people still not in control of their powers." Mark said shakily. At the time, he'd been so desensitized both by what he'd seen in Alphabet City and what he'd seen on the news reports about Mutants that he hadn't reacted initially, but now, realizing a young girl had created this, and could create things like this anytime and anyplace--scared him? "I mean---I know that control has to be learnt and that's why you make the kids practice, but for someone with a power like that just to--test it without telling anyone or going somewhere it's secure." He sat down on the grass and squinted up at Worthington in the dim light.

"What does she do? I mean what's her power? Creating nightmares or something?" He remembered something from Sentor Kelly and Dr. Grey's debate a few years back.

"The wrong person behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous."
"We do listens people to drive."
"Yes, but not to live."

It had raised a lot of issues at the time. Powers, like being behind a wheel all routed from the same basic principal. A person, in control of something bigger than themselves. And while anyone could drive a car, there was a test to make sure you were responsible enough to handle it. Shouldn't control of a mutant power be tested in the same way?
wingdndangerous at 2006-03-24 01:23 (UTC) (Link)
"No- she...well, it's hard to explain." Warren started with a sigh. "In lay-man's terms, as far as I understand it, she alters reality through hexes. To use her power, Wanda creates a blue sphere of energy, and when she projects it at something, she alters the situation to her will. She's limited to the possible 'what ifs' of a situation, but if you can get creative, there are many possibilities - as you saw today." He sighed again, hearing the wariness in Mark's voice. This was not the kind of experience he wished on the documentarian, especially not at the beginning of his work with mutants.

"Wanda's not like most of the students," he continued. "Her and her twin brother, Pietro - you may have barely seen him, he moves fast - are the children of an...interesting path. Their father fights very evangelistically for mutant rights, so they have a tendancy for trouble." It was the best simple explanation Warren could come up with without delving into the entire history with Magento. "Most of the students are very in control of their powers, and very careful about using them," he stressed, wings ruffling defensively.
pan_left at 2006-03-24 02:04 (UTC) (Link)
"The kid who talks too fast?" Mark asked. He was still trying to imagine someone who could make what-ifs become reality.

"So she could say. 'What if so-and-so was gay, or what if so-and-so won the lottery and it would happen. She can alter reality?" He shivered and looked up at Worthington with a strange expression of...longing?

"Could she bring back the dead? Or stop someone from dying?"
wingdndangerous at 2006-03-24 04:37 (UTC) (Link)
Warren immediately remembered Mark's friend - the one he had reminded to take his AZT. Mark wanted to know if Wanda could cure AIDS... Glancing at the ground, Warren shook his head.

"Her powers only affect the time period within which her sphere is active - small things, like what if the gun someone was firing backfired, or what if that person tripped right now. If she tries anything large, she over-exerts herself, which is what happened today. What we all experienced was an over-use of her power, and is resulted possibly the most absurd possibilities of the situation coming true. The most horrifying ones, at least."
pan_left at 2006-03-24 16:19 (UTC) (Link)
"So I uh, guess there's no one who could do that." Mark said, trying hard not to show his disappointment. He looked out beyond them, into the dark garden.

"What did you think of the footage? I know you said you didn't want the focus to be on the students or the school, but I--I just think they're such great advocates for how normal your life can be when you're a mutant. Actually, Kitty gave me this great idea. Showing the kids doing normal everyday things and slowly revealing each of thier powers, sort of like its a part of them, but not all of them."
wingdndangerous at 2006-03-24 16:29 (UTC) (Link)
Warren nodded, the first smile breaking his lips all afternoon.

"I think it's a wonderful approach, and exactly the kind of thing I wanted to have happen," he beamed. "The footage was excellent - I have no doubts this will fulfill everyone's expectations."

Warren sat on the grass beside Mark, wings fanning out to rest loosely on the cool ground on either side of him. He was still only wearing a t-shirt, but thankfully although the air being cool, it was pleasantly so. He rested his elbow on one knee, the long feathers on the bottom of his wings brushing across the grass lightly as he adjusted himself.
pan_left at 2006-03-24 16:37 (UTC) (Link)
"I was going to ask Ms. Munroe if she'd let the kids each chose a partner and mock up their own one. I can't pretend to know them, and I wish I'd done more movie making in school. Of course I would do the final product and there'd definatly be some scientific stuff from the Doctors. But it'll have less impact on the greater community if it's too scientific."

"So--uh, that thing, last night--with the leather. Do you do that often?" Mark asked. "This search and rescue stuff for mutant kids?"
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